Bogus compiler error messages

raz at mi-cec.UUCP raz at mi-cec.UUCP
Tue Jul 19 07:32:44 AEST 1983

	Here's a good one, folks.  I just got the following result when
I compiled a program:

% cc foo.c
m 0422

well, I can recognize a file created by maketemp(), but 'm 0422'?.  The
temp file does not even exist!  It turns out that this 'error message' is
caused by the assembler picking up a label that the compiler generated, and
not being able to distinguish it from a similar label:

writeStats()  becomes ~~writeSt, and
writeStrain() becomes ~~writeSt.

@FLAME( this is bogus!!! )

I don't mind being limited to 6 character function names, so much as having
to go through the assembler code to find a compiler error.

To the powers that be:
				Robert A Zimmermann

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