Need C for PDP-11

Dave Mason mason at utcsrgv.UUCP
Wed Jul 13 01:10:15 AEST 1983

I am looking for a C compiler for a PDP-11.  It will run under RSTS/E but
RSX-11 or RT-11 are no problem, and I can probably hack anything else to work.
   It would be nice if it was public domain, but I can perhaps afford a
small charge.  Please respond by mail to:

-- Gandalf's flunky Hobbit -- Dave Mason, U. Toronto, CSRG
	    utcsrgv!mason at UW-BEAVER   (ARPANet)
	or  {cornell,watmath,ihnp4,floyd,allegra,utzoo,uw-beaver}!utcsrgv!mason
	or  {cwruecmp,duke,linus,lsuc,research}!utzoo!utcsrgv!mason(UUCP)

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