Looking for C path analyzer - (nf)

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Sat Jul 23 17:33:39 AEST 1983

hp-pcd!qa    Jul 22 10:40:00 1983

I am trying to locate C programs that do path flow analysis or symbolic
execution of C programs.  The purpose of these types of programs is to 
determine what statements or segments of programs will be executed if 
a given set of test data is used.  With this information, other sets of
test data can be selected that cause the remainder of the program being
tested to be executed.  The knowledge that all statements execute with
some set of test data then gives some degree of confidence of the 
correctness of the program being tested.

If anyone knows where I might obtain these kinds of programs, the information
would be greatly appreciated.  I am using a VAX 11/750 running 4.1 BSD, and
so would prefer something running on this type of system, but would take
anything remotely resembling the above.

Please reply via UNIX MAIL.

George Sachs

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