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Sat Jul 2 15:08:25 AEST 1983

As long as people are suggesting SIGPLAN, let me NOT  suggest  it.  I  have
read   SIGPLAN  since  about  1979,  and  I  let  me  membership  (actually
subscription, but they can call it anything they want) lapse this year when
I  renewed.  99% of the articles they publish are rather worthless at best.
The one that will always stick in my mind is  (a  new  low)  'Finite  State
Diagrams  for  Western Swing Dancing'.  You must remember that SIGPLAN (and
most if not all of the SIG publications) is NOT a refereed publication, and
it will usually publish anything that is sent in, no matter how trivial the
material (see the above title).  I will agree  that  there  are  occasional
gems,  but  spending  $22 a year and wading through all of the dreck simply
wasn't worth it anymore, even if I can do it on company  time  and  with  a
company membership...
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