? about running PDP-11 C compilier on VAX

joe at teltone.UUCP joe at teltone.UUCP
Thu Jul 7 04:47:16 AEST 1983

Does anyone have any experience compiling the System III PDP-11
compilier to run on a VAX in other than PDP-11 emulation mode.  We are
currently developing C programs on a VAX 11/750 for an PDP-11/23
running System III.  We run the PDP-11 complier on the 11/750 by
putting the 11/750 in PDP-11 emulation mode using the "compat" program.
Using this scheme compilies seem to take a very long time so I just
tried to compile the PDP-11 compilier wth the VAX compilier hoping that
the PDP-11 compilier would running faster on the VAX if it was able to
use the full VAX instruction set.   The problem is that part of pass
one, c1, is in PDP-11 assembly code. (The module is table.s).
I would appreciate any answers to the following two questions.

	1)  Will the PDP-11 C compilier run faster if it is compiled
	under the native VAX compilier?

	2)  Has anyone converted the equivalent of "table.i" to either
	C code or VAX assembly code?


Joe Brady, Teltone Corp., Kirkland WA, (206) 827-9626

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