Casting aspersions...

ka at spanky.UUCP ka at spanky.UUCP
Thu Jul 14 02:06:15 AEST 1983

		int *pi;
		char c;
		c = *pi;
	compiling to:
		cvtbl   *_pi,r0                 ; Huh?
		cvtlb	r0,_c

The code generated by the C compiler is correct.  It is also inefficient;
"movb	*_p1,_c" would be better.  Probably that perticular statement
does not occur too often, so the deficiency in the C compiler is not too

The code reproduced from printf was designed to handle multiple chacter
constants.  E. g.
	printf("%c\n", 'ab');
should produce:

Kenneth Almquist

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