Our friends, }' - (nf)

Steven M. Haflich smh at mit-eddie.UUCP
Tue Jul 26 01:04:59 AEST 1983

I have always formated my C code as follows:
		for (...) {
This is an abbreviation of the more rational:
		for (...)
Since I rarely make listings and usually only see my code through
a standard (but small) 24-line CRT window, the saved lines make more
code visible at one time.  Even when dealing with listings, I find
the more fits on a page, the easier to read largish programs.  For
the same reasons, I have no compunction about formatting short, clear,
"idiomatic" code blocks this way:
		if (argc>1) { pname = *argv++; argc--; }

				Steve Haflich

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