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grunwald at uiucdcs.UUCP grunwald at uiucdcs.UUCP
Fri Jun 17 21:29:02 AEST 1983

uiucdcs!grunwald    Jun 17 03:19:00 1983

   Thanks for your note on Modular C -- I think that I may have seen the
article in question, in addition to some other articles about a version of
C which had Simula-like classes and what not.

What I was looking for was something a little cleaner than the SIGPLAN article
implementation. After having thought about it for a while, it would appear that
to do everything "nicely", one would have to have a slightly more sophisticated
"ln", and it would be difficult to make it so that current C programs would
compile without some sort of translation ( a highly desirable feature ).

					dirk grunwald
					pur-ee ! uiucdcs ! grunwald

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