'\^Q' as an escape for control characters

reb at nbires.UUCP reb at nbires.UUCP
Sat Jun 4 06:07:39 AEST 1983

In the internal documentation for Gosling's EMACS, it mentions that EMACS'
use of '\' in character strings follows that of C, but then goes on
to give an example for control-X as the **three** char sequence \^X !

K&R makes no mention of this notation and our C compiler (4.1BSD)
does not accept it, as the two character sequence ^X is produced.

Does anybody know if this is a new/future extension to C, available only
in some implementations of C, an error in the EMACS documentation,
an EMACS extension, or what?

BTW, it seems to me that this is a much more reasonable way to represent
infrequently used control characters than \nnn!

					Roy Binz


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