the worth of SIGPLAN

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Wed Jun 29 05:22:01 AEST 1983

        That's quite a criticism coming from a person who reads  net  news:
        99%  of  news  articles  are  worthless  at best, NOT refereed, any
        trivia that's sent in is published; occasional gems,  but  spending
        money  (large phone bills) and wading through the dreck isn't worth
        it, even on company time ...

I have in here for one reason:  I support a  Unix  system  for  my
company.  Berkeley  doesn't support it.  Bell doesn't support it.  The only
way I can get questions answered and find out about bugs and fixes and  all
those  other things that a company that relies on a computer HAS to have is
through this network.  If I have to put up with ~4Megabytes of cr*p a  week
(easily  expired)  to  get the 2 or three messages that make my system work
reliably or answer a question then that is a SMALL  price  to  pay.  To  be
quite  honest  I wish I didn't HAVE to rely on this network for my opeating
systems support; to be frank it isn't always right.  If Unix was  supported
the  way  VMS  was,  I wouldn't be here because VMS has the support that my
company requires.
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