modular C

Zigurd R. Mednieks zrm at mit-eddi.UUCP
Sat Jun 18 09:22:51 AEST 1983

It seems I've stumbled across this discussion in midstream, but I've done
a design and some prototyping of a object-oriented programming package
for the C language. The design is similar to the Lisp-Machine-Lisp
Flavors package. The implementation spec, of course, calls for a mix of
compile-time syntax hackery and runtime support for making instances of
objects since C is not an interpreter environment (Which, in fact, makes
the whole deal a lot easier).

I've been cranking out a consulting prospectus for a large computer company
that describes the object oriented programming system and its applicability
to project management. Part of that prospectus, is of course, the sales
pitch, but the technical description is self-contained and I will be able
to send it to interested parties on the net.

Drop a line if you are interested.

mit-eddie!zrm	zrm at mc	zrm at mit-ccc	et cetera...

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