array and structure initialization

steve at whuxk.UUCP steve at whuxk.UUCP
Tue Jun 14 02:22:52 AEST 1983

In reference to why the statements
   struct foo {
	char *f_slist[];
	int  f_code;

   struct foo foobar = { {"xx", "yy", ""}, 1};

leads to compiler errors, the problem lies with the definition of the foo
structure.  The member f_slist cannot be declared as an array of character 
pointers in that fashion--it must be given a size.  The only places that
such a declaration is allowed (i.e. an array with no explicit dimensions)
	1. When declaring an array with a list of initializers
           (e.g.   char *ptrs[] = { "abc", "def", "ghi" };
	2. When declaring an externally-referenced array.
 	3. When declaring a formal parameter array.

If you try adding a dimension to f_slist, then you will find that your 
initialization will work correctly.

						Steve Kochan
						BTL Whippany

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