lint problem - (nf)

ucbmonet.arnold at ucbcad.UUCP ucbmonet.arnold at ucbcad.UUCP
Sun Jun 26 12:48:08 AEST 1983

ucbmonet!arnold    Jun 23 15:41:00 1983

You may be able to assign enums to ints without complaint, but you
cannot initialize ints with enums, nor can you compare an int to an
enum (on 4bsd vax unix, anyway) without a error messages galore.  Can
anyone tell me why they enums aren't considered just like they were
consecutive #defines of constants?  The only thing this doesn't catch I
can think of that I would care about is the assigning of one enum
variable the value of an enum member from a different enumeration.  I
would vote to lose this without a moment's hesitation if it meant being
able to use enums like ints.


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