aoki at trwspp.UUCP aoki at trwspp.UUCP
Wed Jun 8 00:30:22 AEST 1983

Hello there --

     I have need of (actually, will have. .  .eventually)  a
(Berkeley)   PASCAL  to  C  translator/(compiler?).   I  was
wondering if anyone out there has heard of one, or is  work-
ing  on one.  Unfortunately, my funds are rather limited, so
a translator in the public domain would be  prefered.   How-
ever,  if  cost  is not to great (say 200 dollars or less [I
know this is a prayer]), I might be able to convince someone
to alot me to money.

     Please  contact  me  directly.   If  there  is   enough
interest,  I'll  be  glad  to pass on any information that I

			-> Dean
			{ decvax, ucbvax } !trw-unix!trwspp!aoki

			T R W Defense Systems Group
			One Space Park
			Redondo Beach, CA  90278

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