Grep routine - (nf)

utzoo!decvax!harpo!npoiv!npois!houxm!houxa!houxi!hou5d!houxz!ihnp4!ixn5c!inuxc!pur-ee!davy utzoo!decvax!harpo!npoiv!npois!houxm!houxa!houxi!hou5d!houxz!ihnp4!ixn5c!inuxc!pur-ee!davy
Fri Mar 11 18:34:10 AEST 1983

pur-ee!davy    Mar 11 09:23:00 1983

	Well, it seems I asked a dumb question.  I had asked if anyone 
	had a grep routine that could be called from a C program.  I have
	since been informed (many times over) that the routines "re_comp"
	and "re_exec" from regex(3) perform just that.

	Thanks to everyone who responded (please, no more!)

--Dave Curry

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