order of evaluation parse date s - (nf)

utzoo!decvax!harpo!npoiv!npois!wbux5!wb2!houxz!ihnp4!ixn5c!inuxc!pur-ee!uiucdcs!donchin utzoo!decvax!harpo!npoiv!npois!wbux5!wb2!houxz!ihnp4!ixn5c!inuxc!pur-ee!uiucdcs!donchin
Sun Mar 13 22:34:35 AEST 1983

uiucdcs!donchin    Mar 11 21:56:00 1983

The rethinking in the last note is of an entirely different form
from the thoughts in the response it addressed.  The original argument
(that the resulting value for i should be 5) was looking at
the question from a high level point of view.  He was showing that
the two reasonable human interpretations for the expression both
yeild the same result, and the computer interpretation should be
made to conform.  Regardless of how the computer works internally.

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