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Mon Mar 7 23:42:19 AEST 1983

	Since I made the request for sources for Semantic definition of C,
I got the following responses. I have been requested to post the responses that
I received. Here they are.
	       - ganesh -

>From peri!floyd!harpo!decvax!genradbolton!charlie Tue Mar  1 03:16:06 1983
Date: Mon Feb 28 11:50:23 1983
To: decvax!harpo!floyd!peri!sbcs!ganesh
Subject: Denotational Semantics for C

MIT is offering a summer course in this subject and the literature
implied that semantics for C Ada and Pascal would be presented.

>From peri!floyd!harpo!seismo!Mark.Kahrs at rochester.UUCP Wed Mar  2 22:08:34 1983
Date: 1 Mar 1983 10:31:20-EST
From: seismo!Mark.Kahrs
Subject: semantic definition for C
Received: by SEISMO.ARPA (3.290 [1/6/83])
	id AA00765; 1-Mar-83 20:37:24-EST (Tue)
To: seismo!harpo!floyd!peri!sbcs!ganesh

There was a paper a few years back by Ravi Sethi (then at Uni.v of Arizona,
now Bell Labs) about a semantics for C in a POPL. Look 3-4 years back at
least (if not more).


>From peri!floyd!harpo!eagle!jerry Thu Mar  3 04:28:38 1983
Date:  2 Mar 83  23:27:21 EST  (Wed)
To: harpo!floyd!peri!sbcs!ganesh
Subject: denotational semantics for C

Yes, Ravi Sethi at Bell Labs did one a while ago. I don't
know if it was ever published.  You can reach him at harpo!research!ravi

Jerry Schwarz

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