another pcc bug

utzoo!decvax!decwrl!sun!megatest!fortune!hpda!hplabs!hao!seismo!rlgvax!guy utzoo!decvax!decwrl!sun!megatest!fortune!hpda!hplabs!hao!seismo!rlgvax!guy
Wed Mar 30 22:48:18 AEST 1983

To be precise, as of USG UNIX 5.0 =+, =-, =<general operator> have been
sent to the great Bit Bucket in the Sky, along with

int x 5;	/* should be int x = 5; */

We've had over 2 years to catch this; lint and pcc have been bitching
to us all that time.  If there's still code out there that uses this,
except on systems which have vanilla V6 (which means no Standard I/O,
so they're really out in the cold), it should be changed because someday
it may be gone permanently.

					Guy Harris
					RLG Corporation

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