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Thu Mar 31 17:05:55 AEST 1983

Recently, I had a bit of antiquity in C pointed out to me
by a new C user. The White book, on page 35, states that 
"an arbitrary byte-sized bit pattern can be generated by
writing '\ddd' where ddd is one to three OCTAL digits...".

Hmmmm, seems octal is reminiscent of PDP-11 series addressing, etc.
Couldn't it be time to also allow the use of HEX, too????
It is often easier to use with these new-fangled

I know, I know, anybody who has been programming for a while
should be able to switch bases in their sleep. (Re. real
programmers in net.jokes). But it is an interesting thought
for the next generation of UNIX from Bell, etc. (SYSTEM 7???)
What do y'all think???

	- steve

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