Screen Management Routines/Package Wanted

jim at uw-beaver.UUCP jim at uw-beaver.UUCP
Wed May 25 23:47:44 AEST 1983

OK, you're right, I should have specified which curses I was defaming.
I had forgotten that there are several.  As far as I knew at the time,
there was Ken's and Mark's, and Mark's isn't available to "the people",
so I was a little sloppy.  Sorry.  Yes, I was talking about Ken's.  I
was a little disgusted at the time, because a new release of Ken's
curses had just come out, and not only did it still have the 3 bugs I
knew about, but a fourth one had been introduced as well.  In Ken's
defense, he was very helpful when I pointed this out to him.  He's a
nice guy, and I think we are all better off than we would be if he
hadn't put so much effort into curses over the years.

Before Mark defames a window package, he should say which window
package he's defaming.  I think I made it clear that I was talking
about the window package from the University of Maryland.  He is
apparently talking about the set of window management routines in
Gosling's emacs from which the Maryland package was derived.

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