public-domain string(3)

Henry Spencer henry at utzoo.UUCP
Wed Nov 30 11:13:11 AEST 1983

I've posted, to net.sources, the source for a reimplementation of
the string(3) routines from System III.  This includes the V7 string
routines plus some useful extras.  If these things have changed any
in System V, I will update mine as soon as I see a System V manual.

Although these routines were written from a System III manual page,
and are believed identical in behavior to the System III routines
(except for having the signed-char bug I posted a while ago fixed),
they are *not* Bell code, they are not derived from Bell code, and
they were not written by inspection of Bell code.  They are hereby
placed into the public domain.  They may be used for any purpose on
any system without anyone's permission.

The routines are accompanied by a manual page (a minor variant of
the Bell one) and the source for a test program that gives them a
fairly thorough workout.  It was this test program that found the
signed-char bug in the V7 routines.
				Henry Spencer @ U of Toronto Zoology

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