Structure Comparison (ADA vs C) - (nf)

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Wed Nov 9 15:16:43 AEST 1983

uokvax!emjej    Oct 30 13:14:00 1983

Hmmm. It's not clear to me that C has any concepts at all behind it.
It was quite simply a language to write Unix in other than assembler.

It has designed into it the facilities to do all the "clever tricks"
(something I'd like to see the phrase "sleazy programming" come into
use for) one does in assembler. It has built into it things that
correspond to PDP-11 addressing modes. It pushes as much as possible
out of the compiler and onto the programmer (especially if one looks
at early versions of the language), and rubs the programmer's nose
in the machine architecture. This is C's strength (for implementers
and OS hackers) and its weakness (for everyone else).

						James Jones

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