Retraction of question about casts and pointers

Guido van Rossum guido at mcvax.UUCP
Thu Nov 24 01:44:09 AEST 1983

Doesn't lint complain about ANY cast under the -c option except of
conversions between the arithmetic types (int, char, float and their
short, unsigned and/or long variants)?
    My opinion is that casts in initializers are as valid as anywhere
in expressions; the only restrictions on initializers is that they be
computable at load time (given a conventional loader, that is!).

While I'm on the subject:
I would love to have a -p option which checked portability to V7
Unix (8 char identifiers, 7 char externals).  I don't believe in
6-characters one-case externals; but I do believe in PDP-11's
(We run 4.2 BSD.)

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