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Thu Nov 3 14:20:18 AEST 1983

uokvax!andree    Nov  1 14:08:00 1983

Dan -

Yes, LISP falls into this category. So do BCPL and ALGOLW, for that matter.
(How Wirth every managed to fall from ALGOLW to Pascal in one step, I'll
never know!). I agree with you about the beauty of this technique. Now, if
only I could get one language with clean structure (C & BCPL & BLISS), 
reasonable typing (ALGOLW & C & some lisps) and this feature.

But come, tell us why the C optimizer isn't an optimizer! I know it isn't
a global optimizer, but it would seem to be an adequate window optimizer.
Don't tell me that you can't do a global optimizer for C; that I know. I'd like
to know why the window optimizer isn't an optimizer.

	Have Fun,

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