better cb

crm at duke.UUCP crm at duke.UUCP
Sun Oct 16 05:21:06 AEST 1983

I got a copy of what looks to be a very nice c prettyprinter in response to
my request the other day, and it looks really good.  However, there are a
couple of places where it does not seem to interact with this system very
well, and I am up to my ears in real work that gets graded etc right now.

Give me a few days, I will investigate it a little more thouroughly (i.e.
make sure I know how to use at) then will pass it on to anyone who wants it.

Someone send me a reminder mail in about a week and I'll pass it on to all
or post it to net.source or something...  I've already had half-a-dozen
requests for it.  By the way, could some net wizard suggest the best way to
post it?


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