CMU technical report on C language efficiency

warren at ihnss.UUCP warren at ihnss.UUCP
Wed Oct 26 08:25:21 AEST 1983

A while back, I posted a news item on having read an interesting
report with C program timings and discussion of optimization of code
on the vax.  I have gotten 3 requests for how to get the report, all
from sites for which I doubt that the return mail path works.  My
answer is, unfortunately, I am not sure.  I suspect that CMU sells
or gives technical reports to the general public, as MIT does. 
Maybe some CMU person or graduate on the net could confirm this. 
Once again, the report is


It is from 

Department of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

(I believe they are in Pittsburgh, but I don't have a mailing


	Warren Montgomery
	IH x2494

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