Structure Comparison (ADA vs C v - (nf)

andree at uokvax.UUCP andree at uokvax.UUCP
Mon Oct 24 13:17:08 AEST 1983

uokvax!andree    Oct 20 18:31:00 1983

I've got copies of Holt's papers on Euclid (not here - I think it's a users
manual & something similar), but not the new book (eventually...).

I agree with Dave Mason - Euclid looks considerably nicer than C. The solution
to the standard problems with pointers and sets are quite nice, and the
features that make it possible to write provable code aren't to shabby, either.
So: Can I get Tunis for my VAX? Supported? Or do I stick with running someones
supported version of 4.2 bsd?


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