Segmentation Fault Core Dumped

lorien at dartvax.UUCP lorien at dartvax.UUCP
Thu Oct 20 07:42:17 AEST 1983

I'm a relative newcomer to C and have, over the last few months, had
to learn the hard way how to deal with C runtime errors.  I find
SDB helpful, but grossly inadequate compared with a normal runtime
environment as one finds in most other languages.

As I'm not likely to convince the higher-ups real soon to get me
one of those run-time check programs that trap arrays out of bounds and
bad pointer references etc., I thought I'd ask the newsgroup if you know of any
good books on the subject or could point me to some decent documentation
(none of all this is mentioned in K&R).

We have just received 4.2 today, but won't have it up for a while.
Are there any utilities there that may help me?
--Lorien Y. Pratt
  Hanover, NH

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