Ada (TM) vs C

mike at taurus.UUCP mike at taurus.UUCP
Tue Oct 25 03:45:06 AEST 1983

Well, I knew that I was stirring a hornets' nest. Mentioning Ada in this
newsgroup is like riding a Honda on a Berdoo chapter run. At least it
stimulated some discussion.

First let me put the record straight. I ain't no theorist, arguing that Ada
might be better, if only you could get it. I've been writing in it for the
last eighteen months and *still* stick by my original comments. It suits me
a lot better than C, which I used for five years. There will always be people
whose tastes differ, and there will be some who feel differently from myself.
But at least let yourself try Ada, or read about it, before putting up a
chauvinist defence of a language that has obvious defects and omissions.
Remember, it was the discussion of just those problems that prompted my first

Just think on this: what is your opinion, as a C programmer, of the fanatic
who only knows assembler/BASIC, and then argues that there is nothing to touch
it? They react without thinking, from an inner conviction that what they know
is right, and nothing has an alternative or more suitable perspective on the
world. PLEASE don't fall into that way of (not) thinking. Look at the
possibilities, weigh them carefully, then speak. A minute of calm, informative
discussion beats a tirade of any length, (although the latter is often the
best way of starting things off).

If this debate is to be continued, then I suggest that it moves to net.lang,
to avoid offending the C bigots and those who do not wish to hear.

P.S. I still use C for bit twiddling - I might even use COBOL for a payroll
if I was unlucky enough to have to write one. You know where you can stick
Pascal, though!

Mike Banahan

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