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Thu Oct 6 16:12:34 AEST 1983

ucbesvax!turner    Sep  6 03:19:00 1983

Bravo, Mr. Spencer!  Some years ago, when I was stuck on an RT-11 system,
developing a graphics package, I inadvertently came to the same conclusion.
With nothing but FORTRAN to use, and having been given Pavlovian anti-GOTO
treatment in my introductory programming courses, I sought to minimize the
use of GOTO by simply defining new procedures for use in "then" clauses,
whenever these happened to be multi-line.  (For "if...then...else", this
didn't work, of course.)  After a while, the code seemed to be restructuring
itself to be more legible (at least to me.)

If anything, C has gotten me OUT of this good habit.  Well, I can't really
blame the language for creeping vices...

	Michael Turner 

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