need info: %r in printf

Guido van Rossum guido at mcvax.UUCP
Thu Oct 13 22:02:34 AEST 1983

Since %r is - as far as I know - not standard, and the stated most common
use (in general error message printers) is as easily programmed as follows:

/* VARARGS 1 */	bug(fmt, a1, a2, ..., a10) char *fmt; {
	fprintf(stderr, "Error: ");
	fprintf(stderr, fmt, a1, a2, ..., a10);

it seems better if DECUS had never introduced it in the first place.
The same is true for the "well-known hack" to pass a variable number
of arguments!!!-- 
Guido van Rossum, Mathematical Centre, Amsterdam, {philabs,decvax}!mcvax!guido

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