need info: %r in printf

Guy Harris guy at rlgvax.UUCP
Sun Oct 16 03:10:17 AEST 1983

To be precise:

	%r was in V6, and if I remember my ancient history was documented.
	%r is in PDP-11 V7 but is NOT documented.
	%r is not in PDP-11 nor VAX-11 System III nor VAX-11 4.?BSD, nor,
	   I suspect, 32V (i.e., VAX-11 V7).

I have no idea whether %r is in other V7, 4.?BSD, or System III/V
implementations, but I wouldn't count on it.  (The (mostly)-portable C
implementation of "printf" that comes with System III uses the "varargs"
include file, by the way.  If you want "varargs" *documentation*, however,
the only place I've seen it is in the 4.?BSD documentation.)

	Guy Harris

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