"Re: Ada - (nf)"

archiel at tekcae.UUCP archiel at tekcae.UUCP
Thu Oct 13 03:15:58 AEST 1983

tekcae!archiel    Oct 12 10:15:00 1983

What is this garbage doing in net.lang.c?  If the praises of ADA have to
be sung, the cacophony should take place in net.lang (or net.lang.ada, if
it exists).  Why should ADA and the trumpeting of its name be forced on
those of us who aren't interested in it?  After all, most programmers that
I know of are not writing code for direct use in DOD systems.  Speaking
of DOD-forced standards, remember that it was the DOD that gave us the
wonders of COBAL!

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