Declaring argument types

Rick Lindsley richl at tektronix.UUCP
Wed Sep 21 15:38:49 AEST 1983

<Flame up>
I'm afraid I must take issue with any proposal to make C look like
Pascal, which is where this discussion is leading. Pascal is a
marvelous language to learn as a first language, it's got structure
and picky syntax and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, for any
practical purposes it is very unwieldy. I can see it now; we start
by allowing the arguments to functions to be declared within
the function header and in a little while, people will want to be
able to declare their arrays like foo[6..20] instead of foo[14].

I have written a small scheduler in modula (a pascal look-alike),
and I speak from experience. It has been said many times, but I'll
say it again: the beauty of C is that it is simple in its concepts.
Don't go cluttering it up with remnants of other languages.
<flame down>

Rick Lindsley
richl at tektronix

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