strncpy()--why is this in unix-wizards?

Hal Perkins hal at cornell.UUCP
Sun Sep 4 07:15:13 AEST 1983

Why are so many articles about C also posted to unix-wizards?  Is there
any need for this?

The reason I complain is that there is a lot of traffic in both news
groups.  I read these groups in my spare time (when waiting for troff
or TeX to do something, for instance), and I rarely have time to read
through both of these groups in one sitting.  Readnews appears to be
unable to filter articles posted to several groups unless you read all
of the groups at the same time.

Of course, the real solution would be to fix the news programs so they
would remember what articles have been read, regardless of when.  This
is a long standing bug, and it is pretty annoying that it hasn't been
fixed sometime in the last few releases of readnews.

But even if the news stuff is fixed, why can't all the C articles be
posted to net.lang.c, all the micro stuff to net.micro, and just the
Unix operating system items to net.unix-wizards?  It would be easier
to filter through the tremendous amount of stuff in unix-wizards if
as much of it as possible were posted to more relevent specialized


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