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Mon Sep 12 12:26:07 AEST 1983

tekcad!franka    Sep 11 12:30:00 1983

	If the compiler is free to ignore register suggestions AND free to
put anything wherever the hell it wants, it seems that the only "safe" way to
write assembly code linkage is to look at the code generated by the compiler
and then write the assembly code. If, however, there is a "standard" subroutine
linkage form, it should be put in a SEPARATE implementation manual for the
given OS/machine/language system because this will vary from machine to machine.
And whoever wrote the first article on this problem is right. UNIX is very, very
poor in providing an implementation manual for its language processors.
					At least IBM and VMS describe their
					subroutine linkages in their manuals,
						Frank Adrian

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