ANSI Standardization Committee for C

Martin Minow minow at decvax.UUCP
Fri Sep 16 11:31:28 AEST 1983

The following is reprinted from the current (Sept. 83) SIGPLAN Notices.
It is dated May 16, 1983, and the first organizational meeting was
held June 28-29.

	X3 Forms Committee to Standardize Programming Language C
	  Interested Parties Urged to Attend First Meeting

WASHINGTON, D.C. ---- The American National Standards Committee X3,
Information Processing Systems, has announced a new project to
standardize Programming Language C. 

"We need a machine-independent version of C," says Jim Brodie of
Motorola, who will convene the new committee.  The growing use of C to
develop systems software means that we need a single, clearly-defined
standard.  Right now, similar but incompatible implementation is a real
problem, and there's no place for implementors to turn when they want
to build new C compilers." 

The new technical committee, X3J11, will join seventeen other
programming language standardization projects currently underway.  In
the past, this same process has been used to develop eight major
programming language standards. 

Interested individuals and company representatives may become members
of the new committee by contacting: 

	Mr. Jim Brodie
	Motorola Inc.
	MOS Integrated circuits Group
	2900 South Diablo Way
	Tempe  AZ  85062

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