Manx C compiler

gwyn at BRL-VLD.ARPA gwyn at BRL-VLD.ARPA
Sun Aug 26 21:02:21 AEST 1984

From:      Doug Gwyn (VLD/VMB) <gwyn at BRL-VLD.ARPA>

The current Aztec C for the Apple II from Manx supports DOS 3.3,
not ProDOS.  The ProDOS version is held up by the Macintosh C project,
which is scheduled for September delivery.  Aztec C can be asked to
generate either native 6502 machine code or interpreted code.  The
interpreted code tends to be smaller, the machine code faster.  They
can be mixed in the same program binary, so one can make appropriate
space/time tradeoffs.  There is also support for overlays, and a
command language interpreter (mini-shell) that programs can be made
to access for some library routines, to save space.  The manual is
pretty good (the only noteworthy omission is interpreted code specs),
and the language and supplied library are a fairly full implementation
of C.  Sources are included for the library (except interpreter) and
many of the utilities (screen editor, archiver, device drivers, but
NOT compiler/assembler/loader/shell).  My only real complaint is that
I wish they would hurry up with the ProDOS version, as I am getting
tired of compiling on DOS floppies then moving my binaries to the

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