C and AWK questions (longish)

Thu Aug 16 05:09:00 AEST 1984

From:  Steve Holmes <sjh at PURDUE.ARPA>

>> We are searching for debugging techniques to track down malloc/realloc 
>> aborts.  Occasionally, our programs get memory faults within the stdio's 
>> _flsbuf() subroutine.  Does anyone have hints on tracking down the types of 
>> things that would clobber the malloc buffers?  
>I believe there are DEBUG defines you can turn on in the malloc source
>to compile a debugging version (depending on your OS).

WRT the malloc problem: I had the same problem for which the solution was
to initialize the pointers to the various blocks of storage to null on the
first call.  I don't have the code handy but could dig it up if needed.

Steve Holmes

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