MISPLACED product announcement ...

Mark Horton mark at cbosgd.UUCP
Tue Aug 7 03:51:04 AEST 1984

Sorry, folks, the Usenet policy (which YOU THE USERS OF USENET decided on)
is as follows:

Announcement of professional products or services on Usenet is allowed;
however, since someone else is paying the phone bills for this, it is
important that it be of overall benefit to Usenet.  Post to an
appropriate newsgroup, never a general purpose newsgroup such as
net.general.  Clearly mark your article as a product announcement in
the subject.  Never repeat these - one article per product at the most;
preferably group everything into one article.  Advertising hype is
especially frowned upon - stick to technical facts.  Obnoxious or
inappropriate announcements, or articles violating this policy, are
very serious and cause for removing your machine from Usenet.  This
policy is, of course, subject to change if it becomes a problem.

In my opinion, the message this refers to fit these guidelines just
fine (although I'm still trying to figure out how net.sources got
into the distribution list.)

The above policy is excerpted from net.announce.newusers.

	Mark "Mowed Down on the Freeway Interchange" Horton

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