Prime C pointers

BLARSON at ecld.#eclnet BLARSON at ecld.#eclnet
Fri Aug 10 06:11:22 AEST 1984

From:  Bob Larson <BLARSON at ecld.#eclnet>

When casting a pointer (48 bits) to an integer or long (32 bits) using
Prime C, it is changed into a byte address (not useful to prime hardware/
microcode) and the extra information (fault and ring) is apparently
dropped.  When casting in the reverse direction, ring 3 is assumed.
(Correct for all user programs.)  The only section of K&R this violates
is the sentence stating that "The mapping function is also machine dependent,
but is intended to be unsurprising to those who know the address structure
of the machine." (14.4)

Bob Larson <Blarson at Usc-Ecl.Arpa>

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