Prime C pointers

Jack Jansen jack at vu44.UUCP
Mon Aug 27 00:14:09 AEST 1984

> From:  Bob Larson <BLARSON at ecld.#eclnet>
> When casting a pointer (48 bits) to an integer or long (32 bits) using
> Prime C, it is changed into a byte address (not useful to prime hardware/
> microcode) and the extra information (fault and ring) is apparently
> dropped.
Pointers are 32 bits on the prime, not 48. The problem is that the
ring information is stuffed in the upper 4 (or 5, I'm not sure)
bits. I ran into this problem when I converted lots of unix programs
that contained functions defined like
and returned pointers.

By the way, we have the C compiler sold by Prime, but it's *very*
slow (spelled SSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOsnore). Does anyone know of
a better C implementation, running under PRIMOS rev 19?

	Jack Jansen, {philabs|decvax}!mcvax!vu44!jack

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