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i am posting this for a friend.  inquires and most certainly flames 
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Product Name:	Test Coverage Analysis Tool for "C" -- TCAT/C
Company:	Software Research Associates
Address:	580 Market Street, San Francisco, CA  94104
		(415) 957-1441
Net Address:	arizona!sra1!miller 
Machines:	Any machine with "C" and FORTRAN compilers environment.
		Standard versions for VAX/UNIX, VAX/VMX, Plexus,
Oper. Systems:	UNIX, VMS, others.
Pricing:	Variable, depending on machine and number of 
		users:  $0.9K to $9K for binary licenses.  
		Discounts for multiple machines, restricted
		and unrestricted site licenses available.
Languages:	Vanilla C and Vanilla FORTRAN
Memory:		~50K on 16-bit architecture.
Availability:	Now.


TCAT/C measures segment level coverage (the C1 measure) for a set
of "C" programs under test.  Coverage is measured on a test-by-
test and cumulative basis by source level instrumentation
methods.  Coverage summaries from series of tests are stored in
multi test archival records.


TCAT/C consists of three components:  a preprocessor to instru-
ment code, a runtime package to generate tracefiles, and a post
processor to analyze tracefiles and prior history records.

The "ic", part of TCAT/C generates instrumented versions of "C"
programs.  A Reference Listing indicating the assignment of seg-
ments to individual modules and presenting various program
statistics is provided.

The "runtime" library is used to link instrumented "C" programs
so that they produce the correct tracefiles.  Versions of the
TCAT/C runtime library exist that accomplish various levels of
in-place data buffering to enhance performance.

The "cover" component analyzes the coverage attained in a "C"
program by a set of tests.  Coverage is reported on a single test
or cumulative (multiple test) basis.  "Not Hit" segments are
identified by segment number (defined on the Reference Listing
produced by "ic").  Histographic analysis of segment hit counts
is provided on a linear scale and on a logarithmic scale.

Archive records -- used to capture the overall summary of a set
of tests -- are produced in a format suitable for combination and
separate analysis.


TCAT/C is supplied with on-line help frames and other user assis-
tance files.  In addition, there is a detailed "User's Manual"
that describes how TCAT/C should be used as an integral part of a
Quality Assurance activity.


TCAT/C is supplied with necessary utilities for checking, analyz-
ing, and processing tracefiles and test archive records.

Answers to common questions:

(1)  TCAT/C's instrumentation overhead is typically 20% or less.

(2)  Almost any level of "C" programs can be handled, including System
V "C" programs.

(3)  TCAT/C has been used as the central "exit criteria" for
software production.


TCAT is a trademark of Software Research Associates
UNIX is a trademark of AT&T, VAX and VMS are trademarks
	of Digital Equipment Corporation.

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