C stack frame > 32K (on a Sun)

gnu at sun.uucp gnu at sun.uucp
Fri Dec 28 12:06:33 AEST 1984

Mark Plotnick (allegra!mp) says:
> Note that if you care about getting correct code out of the SMI C
> compiler, you shouldn't use stack frames larger than 32Kbytes.  This is
> because of a bug in their compiler (at least as of release 1.1, which
> is what we have) with the handling of floating point operations that
> require scratch areas on the stack.  The compiler doesn't seem to know
> that displacements, as in reg@(disp), are limited to 16-bit signed
> integers.

This is true.  A more recent version of the compiler (as yet unreleased)
gives a compile-time diagnostic rather than a runtime error, and we're
working on a fix.  Sorry folks...we fixed SOME of the bugs with large
stack frames...

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