routines which return function pointers

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There has been a lot of discussion about casting a pointer to char
as a pointer to a function, but Whitesmith's has gone one better.
Here is a page from section 2 describing 'onexit' which is passed
a pointer to a function returning a function to a pointer!!!!!
(copied without anybodys permission, so don't tell)

	onexit - call function on program exit

	VOID	(*onexit())(pfn)
	VOID	(*(*pfn)())();

	onexit registers the function pointed at by pfn, to be
	called on program exit.  The function at pfn is obligated
	to return the pointer returned by the onexit call, so that any
	previously registered functions can also be called.

	onexit returns a pointer to another function; it is guaranteed
	to be non-null

	GLOBAL VOID (*(*nextguy)())(), (*thisguy())();

	if( !nextguy )
		nextguy = onexit (&thisguy);


	the type declaractions defy description, and are still wrong

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