\"Stamp out BASIC\" committee

Norman Diamond ndiamond at watdaisy.UUCP
Mon Dec 10 01:44:59 AEST 1984

>>>	'How do I apply for membership in the "Stamp Out BASIC
>>>	Committee"?'
>>	Yeah!  Stamp out BASIC!  Here at Tektronix we stamp out lots of BASICs
>>	every day, some in ROMs and some on disks.  We sell them to
>>	applications programmers and make piles of money.
>	This is the key to the problem with "Stamping" out BASIC, FORTRAN,
> or whatever. As long as there are applications programmers there will be
> such "languages??". I suggest the formation of a "STAMP OUT APPLICATIONS
> PROGRAMMERS" committee,

Stamp out all requirements for computers!

-- Norman Diamond

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