C features

Paul Schauble Schauble at MIT-MULTICS.ARPA
Sun Dec 23 17:48:35 AEST 1984

And while we are talking about advanced features...

I am trying to compile a feature matrix, showing which C implementations
support which language features.  I would appreciate suggestions for
which features (long identifiers, enum variables) and so on, are worth
tabulating.  I will also need data on any compiler that you can provide
data on.

I have no access to any compilers more recent that Unix V7 and K&R book

I intend to collect suggestion for feature to be tabulated, circulate
the list of features, and then collect information about specific
compilers.  I will circulate the matrix when it is finished.

Please mail suggestion for features to
  Schauble at MIT-Multics        ARPA
                              Usenet via your favorite gateway.


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