utime misusage

Gordon A. Moffett gam at amdahl.UUCP
Mon Dec 3 07:12:26 AEST 1984

>   = Guy Harris {seismo,ihnp4,allegra}!rlgvax!guy
> > = me

> > The second argument of utime(2) is expected to be the address of
> > this kind of struct:
> > 
> >         struct utimbuf { time_t actime, modtime; } ubuf;
> > 
> > Using the address of the st_atime field of a stat(2) struct would
> > provide these values correctly, because the word following st_atime in
> > the structure is st_mtime (the mod. time).
> WRONG!  FALSE!  INCORRECT!  Show me where in STAT(2) it states that those
> fields are contiguous.  The V7 manual did, but the S3 and S5 manuals
> *go out of their way* to state that they say *nothing* about what the
> "stat" structure looks like.  They give the fields in a different order
> than they appear in the structure, and say before it "The contents of
> the structure pointed to by 'buf' *include* the following members:".
> Clearly, they did *not* want to commit to the precise shape of the structure
> forever, world without end, amen....

Quite right, sorry, my mistake.  Never mind.
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