syntax for external aliases (previously $ in identifiers poll)

Geoff Kuenning geoff at desint.UUCP
Sun Dec 23 06:01:06 AEST 1984

In article <635 at bunker.UUCP> garys at bunker.UUCP (Gary M. Samuelson) writes:

>OK, how about:
>	extern sys_read() = "SYS$READ";

Nope, because this can't be used for anything except functions.  Specifically,
I may want to write

	extern "SYS$_ERROR_CODE" int errno;

(Yuck!  A syntax designer I clearly am not.  Would somebody with some talent
please step into this and save me from myself?)

How about:

	extern char *getopt (): "LIB$GET_MCR";

(I figure if I cause you guys enough pain, I will *force* you into making a
better suggestion).

	Geoff Kuenning

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