USG and _doprnt

David Harrison physics at utcs.UUCP
Mon Dec 10 11:14:52 AEST 1984

In non-USG versions, *printf calls _doprnt which does the work.
In our Hewlett-Packard 9000, there is no such function (usually
written in assembler so far as I know) and the man
claims that the printf familiy calls getc.  We have some code
here which was written including _doprnt, and wonder if there
is an equivalent call.  The HP runs essentially Sys III, and this
posting assumes that the disappearance of _doprnt is common
to Unix Support Group versions although I welcome correction. Even
more welcome is help in finding a substitute (including the varargs
stuff) for _doprnt.
		David Harrison
		Dept. of Physics
		Univ. of Toronto

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